Chocolate Machinery and Packaging Machinery

Chocolate Machinery manufacturer and supplier of brand-new and second hand chocolate machine and confectionery machine

Within the frame of the second hand machines trade and servicing. We offer the overhauling and updating of chocolate machinery and packaging machinery

Flow Pack Machine

Flow Pack Machine

BRAND NEW  Chocolate Machinery Flow Pack Machine. it is possible to add different accessories

Chocolate Packaging Machine

Chocolate Neapolitan Wrapping Machine

BRAND NEW  Chocolate Neapolitan Wrapping Machine. Envelope fold, hot glue

Coating Pan

Stainless Steel Coating Pan

Chocolate panning machine. Stainless steel construction for sugar or chocolate coating or polishing

Second Hand Packaging, Chocolate and Confectionery Machinery

Within the frame of the second hand machines trade and services, We offer the overhauling and updating (renovation) of machines.
Buhler Chocolate Refiner

Buhler Chocolate Refiner

USED Buhler 5 roll chocolate refiner. 1300 mm wide. Year :2010

Chocolate Refiner

Nagema Chocolate Refiner

USED Nagema 5 roll chocolate refiner. 1250 mm wide

Chocolate Wrapping Machine

GD Chocolate Wrapping Machine

USED Chocolate Wrapping Machine manufactured by GD (Italy)

Ball Mill

Wiener Ball Mill

USED Wiener Ball Mill. Type: Wiecon 50 . Year : 2006

bossar doypack packaging machine

Bossar Doypack Packaging Machine

USED Bossar Doypack Packaging Machine

Chocolate Conches

Nagema Chocolate Conches

USED Nagema  Chocolate Conches . Include 4 tanks. Every tanks has 900 kg capacity


We have 20+ years of chocolate machinery experience

Brand New Chocolate Machinery

We produce custom chocolate machinery


We offer the overhauling of machines.

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Before overhauling (renovation)

Chocolate Wrapping Machine

After overhauling (renovation)

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