HMG Neapolitan Chocolate Wrapping Machine

BRAND NEW Chocolate Neapolitan Wrapping Machine

Neapolitan Chocolate Wrapping Machine

HMG Chocolate Neapolitan Wrapping Machine


The HMG neapolitan wrapping machine has been developed specifically to wrap rectangular chocolates in fold wrap style, with or without band.

The HMG neapolitan wrapping machine has been designed to use either single or double wrappers. The outer paper is taken from a stack of pre-cut labels rather than the more common reel-fed systems. By using pre-printed labels, the chocolate manufacturer can pack small quantities of product, which is particularly useful for the smaller volume clients such as marketing promotions, corporate gifts etc.

As a result of its modular construction, the Neapolitan wrapping machine can be size-changed at a very reasonable mold cost.

Length: 20-40mm
Width: 20-40mm
Thickness: 4-12mm
Note: Sizes outside this range will be considered

Capacity: 80-100 pcs/min
Electric Power : 4,5 Kw
Voltage: 380 V, 3 FAZ, N, PE, 50 Hz
Inner wrappers: Aluminium foil, with or without paper laminate
Outer wrapper: Pre-cut paper labels
Envelope fold, include Robatech (Switzerland brand) hot glue system
Delta PLC system
Schmalz or Festo Pneumatics
Size : (L) 2600 x (W)1600 x (H)2000 mm

HMG Chocolate Neapolitan Wrapping Machine Video